Our Applications

At Install Protect, we specialise in protecting your building asset in a variety of applications.

What We Do

Temporary Protection

Airtight & Vapor Membrane Applications

Benefits of Protection

To maximise the lifespan of your built asset and achieve maximum return on your investment, your building needs to be protected.

 We can help you find an appropriate system for your building from the design, tender or quote phase, and work with you throughout the project to protect your building at each stage.

Temporary Protection

We specialise in temporary window covering during construction. Windows by nature are vulnerable to damage during the build phase, and often there will be remedial works required where damage is discovered upon inspection at the end of the construction phase. The associated costs of remedial work are not limited to materials, but what also needs to be factored in is the additional cost of labour, cost of disposal of the damaged assets and gaining additional access which can involve hiring specialist access equipment and even applying for permission to close roads depending on where your building is located.

Airtight & Vapor Control

Keep your building dry and thermally efficient in all weather conditions whilst allowing it to breathe. Energy efficiency isn’t just about the singular performance of an energy efficient asset, it’s about the complete fabric of the building and all its components working in harmony. Airtight and vapour control membranes are the backbone of these systems, aiding in creating true efficiency, whilst protecting the building structure from permeating damp.

Our Process

We adopt a thorough process which allows us to ensure you get the right product, installed at the right time, in the right way.

Firstly, we ensure we ask the right questions and gather enough information about your project to be able to recommend the correct product and solution. This involves a site survey to ensure we have full information on linear metreage, specified materials, the location of the asset and its exposure to the elements, the level of protection required and the schedule of works.

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