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At Install Protect, we specialise in protecting your building asset from its birth and on through its lifetime.

What We Do

Temporary Protection

Airtight & Vapor Control Membranes

What you can expect from us

We take great pride in the quality of workmanship, selecting the right product solutions, and being easy to work with.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we carefully understand their needs and requirements at every stage of the project.

We own and take responsibility for each and every project and provide assistance and advice to help you navigate on-site anomalies. We are flexible and adapt to the many variations that arise day to day on- site, ensuring we maintain the program.


Full-time supervision on site

Highly qualified and experienced labour


Quality control measures – visual checks


Progressive handover process procedures


Fully compliant project-specific health and safety documentation


Temporary Protection

Protect from debris, scratches, and breakages during the build phase.

Windows by nature are vulnerable to damage during the build phase, and often there will be remedial works required where damage is discovered upon inspection at the end of the construction phase. Why not allow us to provide complete peace of mind that your windows will still be in perfect condition at hand over?

Airtight & Vapor Control

Keep your building dry and thermally efficient in all weather conditions whilst allowing it to breathe.

The truth is that energy efficiency isn’t all about the singular performance of a building component, it’s about the complete fabric of the building and all its components working in harmony. Airtight and vapour control membranes are the backbone of these systems, aiding in creating true maximum efficiency, whilst protecting the building structure from permeating damp.

Our solutions don’t cost the Earth

Every year, millions of square metres of plastic film protection is removed from building sites. Its destination varies, and whilst some of it is recycled, most of it is either burnt, goes to landfill, or ends up blowing away and littering the natural environment.


Our solutions are VOC free, water-based temporary solutions that are 100% recyclable. When works are complete, the protection film is easily removed and recycled and does not leave any residue.

% Recyclable

M2 Less Plastic Sheets needed

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