Our dedication to safety and longevity is reflected in our partnerships and the materials we select. As well as being the world’s first approved installer of Protectapeel technology, our partnership with Spraylat ensures we utilise the best available products to protect the windows and surfaces on your unique project. Our long-term partner, Spraylat, demonstrates a commitment to safety that mirrors our own and all Spraylat products now come FR-rated as standard.

Our comprehensive protective process ensures your windows and doors are protected: and our products ensure your building environment is safe and protected.

As well as being FR-rated as standard, our solutions are VOC-free and water-based applications that are 100% recyclable. When works are complete, the window film is easily removed and recycled and does not leave any residue.

To find out more about our solutions and the products we use, visit our technologies pages.

If you have a requirement for temporary window protection or airtight and vapor control and would like to discuss your project in more detail, then get in touch with our team at

Tel: 01442 899 956
Email: contact@install-protect.com

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