The reality that the industry has had to face over the past two years is an overly familiar one – increased operating costs, trade and travel restrictions and a significant decrease in demand.

With the last UK lockdown coming to an uneventful end almost 9 months ago, the consensus was that there would be a long-awaited boom in the construction industry.
It is surprising, then, that the UK year-on-year sales this July are down 29% where they were in 2021 and 60% in July 2020. The average order values have dropped by 27% from July-on-June , reversing the increases seen in preceding months; however, for 2022 compared to 2021 they remain up by 15% and significantly up on the same time in 2020 at 28% higher.

These widespread industry trends are a far cry away from the boom in construction that the end of lockdown appeared to signal. What factors and changing circumstances within the industry and beyond can these trends be attributed to?

The harsh reality? The market has very clearly readjusted following unprecedented rises in the cost of living. The boom is over and consumers and companies across the country are tightening their belts.

However, these circumstances may encourage a drive for positive change both within the industry and beyond. One of the largest driving factors in the increased cost of living is soaring energy prices. These increased prices are predicted to give homeowners and contractors a direct incentive to invest in the energy efficiency of their homes and projects for long-term energy-efficiency.

At Install Protect, the energy efficiency and long-term health of buildings are our top priority. We understand that energy efficiency isn’t just about the singular performance of an individual building component: rather, it is about the complete fabric of the building and all its components working in harmony. Airtight and vapour control membranes are the backbone of these systems, aiding in creating true maximum efficiency, whilst protecting the building structure from permeating damp.

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